Michael Gillis


Praise For Mike Gillis and His Life

Critical Acclaim For Mike Gillis’s Life

“Tense, heartbreaking, and often darkly comedic . . . [H]earing about Mike Gillis’s Life each week is like watching a never-ending absurdist play written by one of the masters.”

-Alisha Purcell, Therapist 

“Among our nation’s great moronically lived lives, it is perhaps once a generation that a presence so uniquely incompetent appears in our midst. Mike Gillis is the real deal. He has produced the life of a complete buffoon.”

-Andrew Hertz, Professor

“Astonishing. His ability to continue living despite overwhelming idiocy, a lack of even the most basic hygienic knowledge, and an absence of any real social competence is a twist none of us expected.”

-Roger Kelley, Pediatrician and Co-Author of
Mike Gillis: A Birth Certificate

“Mike Gillis’s Life is one of those rare feats of existence that seems to come out of nowhere, bewitch you for weeks, and leave you considerably worse off.”

- Ellen Roberts, Former Girlfriend