Michael Gillis


Praise For Mike Gillis and His Life

Critical Acclaim For Mike Gillis’s Life

“Among our nation’s great moronically lived lives, it is perhaps once a generation that a presence so uniquely incompetent appears in our midst. Mike Gillis is the real deal. He has produced the life of a complete buffoon.”

-Andrew Hertz, Professor

“Astonishing. His ability to continue living despite overwhelming idiocy, a lack of even the most basic hygienic knowledge, and an absence of any real social competence is a twist none of us expected.”

-Roger Kelley, Pediatrician and Co-Author of
Mike Gillis: A Birth Certificate

“Tense, heartbreaking, and often darkly comedic . . . [H]earing about Mike Gillis’s Life each week is like watching a never-ending absurdist play written by one of the masters.”

-Alisha Purcell, Therapist 

“Mike Gillis’s Life is one of those rare feats of existence that seems to come out of nowhere, bewitch you for weeks, and leave you considerably worse off.”

- Ellen Roberts, Former Girlfriend

“Ever since we first discovered a group of thugs breaking Mike Gillis’s glasses as he cowered on the ground, everyone down at Precinct 24 has known he had a special gift for being a dimwit. Since then, his Life has gone on to wildly exceed our expectations, providing laugh after laugh of side-splitting comedic miscalculations. His most recent undertaking--getting stuck on a steel construction girder and subsequently wetting himself in fear--is nothing short of a magnum opus.”

-Detective Peter Wagner, Author of January 13th, Police Blotter  

Praise For Mike Gillis

“[Phenomenal. Stumbling into the hands of master conversationalist Mike Gillis is like meeting a modern day Oscar Wilde--that is, if Oscar Wilde had the raw sexual mystique of a shirtless, muscular lumberjack in autumn.] Why are you staring at me like that?” -Cindy Bryants, Beautiful Girl At Party

“[As host and producer of This American Life, I’ve met my share of intelligent, compassionate, and remarkable human beings. Putting aside that he’s a personal friend and confidante, let me just say that Mike Gillis trumps them all.] Hey, if you don't have a book for me to sign, would you mind letting the next person in line get through? Are you listening to me? Hello?”-Ira Glass, This American Life

“I don’t know where you found this number, but please stop calling me.” -Buck Henry, Writer of The Graduate

“[One of the most electrifying satirists alive. Put simply, I am maddeningly, sickeningly jealous of his wit.] Please stop sending around your so-called ‘Wacky Wednesday Emails’ to coworkers. I’m not going to name names, but some have found them very offensive.” -Peter Lethem, Shift Supervisor

“My son is a genius.” -Martha Gillis, Mother